Membership Application Part II A





Please list on the following chart the articles published by your faculty in the following law reviews for the  most recent five years, 2014-18
The list represents the next 25 (ranked 26-50) law reviews identified in the Washington & Lee rankings of  journals.  Do not add additional law reviews to this list.
You may also include these articles on the faculty bibliographies along with all others for the most recent five years.



Faculty Author


Title Year, Volume
& Page
Alabama  Law Review
American University Law Review
Arizona Law Review
Berkeley Technology Law Journal
Cardozo Law Review
Connecticut Law Review
Emory Law Journal
Florida Law Review
George Washington Law Review
Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties  Law Review
Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy
Harvard  Law & Policy Review
Harvard Law Review Forum (online)
 Hastings Law Journal
Indiana Law Journal
North Carolina Law Review
Northwestern University Law Review
Ohio State Law Journal
UC Davis Law Review
University of Illinois Law Review
Wake Forest Law Review
Washington & Lee Law Review
Washington  Law Review
  Washington University Law Review
Yale  Law Journal Forum (online)


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