Member Schools

Alabama, University of1969
American University2004
Arizona, University of1969
Arizona State University1984
Boston College1964
Brigham Young University1984
California (Berkeley), University of1927
California (Davis), University of1972
California (Hastings), University of1954
California (Los Angeles), University of 1954
Case Western Reserve University1912
Chicago, University of1912
Cincinnati, University of1928
Colorado, University of1942
Cornell University1915
DePaul University1992
Denver, University of2016
Drake University1952
Duke University1933
Emory University1971
Florida, University of1955
Florida State University1979
Fordham University1994
Georgetown University1988
George Washington1926
Georgia State University2016
Georgia, University of1977
Houston, University of1985
Illinois, University of1902
Illinois Inst. of Tech. Chicago-Kent College of Law,1989
Indiana University1925
Iowa, University of1911
Kansas, University of1924
Kentucky, University of1931
Louisiana State University1942
Loyola Marymount University1990
McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific1982
Maryland, University of1938
Miami, University of1987
Michigan, University of1911
Minnesota, University of1915
Missouri, University of1906
Nebraska, University of1904
New Mexico, University of1971
New York University1959
North Carolina, University of1928
North Dakota, University of1925
Northwestern University1907
Ohio State University1915
Oklahoma, University of1925
Oregon, University of1934
Pennsylvania, University of1912
Pepperdine University2008
Pittsburgh, University of1912
Richmond, University of2012
Rutgers University2018
San Diego, University of1996
Santa Clara University2004
Seton Hall University2004
South Carolina, University of1982
Southern California, University of1929
Southern Methodist University1966
Stanford University1912
SUNY Buffalo2014
Syracuse University1952
Temple University 2014
Tennessee, University of1951
Texas, University of1926
Texas Tech University1974
Toledo, University of1984
Tulane University1931
Utah, University of1953
Vanderbilt University1948
Villanova University1961
Virginia, University of1909
Wake Forest University1997
Washington and Lee University1950
Washington (Seattle), University of1924
Washington University (St. Louis1924
Wayne State University1984
West Virginia University1925
William and Mary1981
Wisconsin, University of1908
Wyoming, University of1985
Yale University1919
Yeshiva University1999
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