Membership Application Part IV




Please provide the following information for the top10% of the current 3L class and the most recent graduating class. Identify each student only by number (e.g., Student # 1; Student # 2). 


  1. The LSAT score
  2. Undergraduate institutions, major and grade point average as well as any advanced degrees
  3. The journal(s) to which the student belongs and journal positions held
  4. Law-related employment during summer before his or her second year
  5. Participation in other major law school activities such as moot court or serving as TAs or RAs for law school professors


For the top10% of the current 3L class and the most recent graduating class

  1. How many have had their notes or other articles accepted for publication and by which journals?
  2. How many of the top 10% of the class are transfer students?
  3. How many of the top 10% apply for judicial clerkships? What percentage obtain them?



For the top 10% of the most recent graduating class:

  1. First time bar passage
  2. Number and type of federal Judicial clerkships received; number and type of state judicial clerkships received
  3. Current law-related employment

Materials can be mailed to:
Sandra R. Jones
6530 Kimesville Road
Liberty, NC 27298